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April 19, 2003. Bad news...the SC was killed today by an inept WOMAN driver who tried to occupy the same lane I was in, at the same time! Her big boat of a Caprice hit the rear of the drivers door and quarter panel in front of the wheelwell. The rear axle broke loose on this side, pulling the driveshaft out of the transmission, and bending the torque arm in the tunnel while the wheel and tire were shoved into the rear of the quarter panel. Car was spun around about 150°. Damage to the SC was estimated at almost $4000, while her car suffered a bent bumper and a broken side marker lense.
Myself, I am suffering from a sprain in the lumbar region of the back, and have limited movement/lifting capabilities. Have not been able to work, and the insurance hassle is a nightmare. She was 100% at fault, but the paperwork is hellacious.
I took a few pics at the scene which can be seen here.
Small consolation is that I now have an engine/trans to put into the Formula, and some incentive to complete that project...I just wish I was more mobile.
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